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Daddy's girl Athiya thinks Salman is the real hero!

Athiya Shetty

By Tulsi, News Network

That’s true! In conversation with Suniel Shetty, he said some wonderful things about his daughter, including the fact that he would be rather called Athiya’s father than Suniel Shetty!

“That’s what every parent wishes…” says Suniel Shetty, “to be known by their children’s name. That is the biggest compliment for a father…I wish that she’ll do good work so that she continues to receive good work.”

He’s also giving a good takkar to all those critics who have been bashing the film, and said: “several critics have panned her film but there has been immense praise for Sooraj and Athiya. This is a Salman Khan production and not a Salman Khan starrer. People are expecting Rs.200 crore to Rs.300 crore, but they are just kids. I think they’ll manage to earn around Rs.50 crore.”

Aw… Looks like this girl has been pampered all her life, and becoming a Bollywood star isn’t going to stop her father from doing so! He is always going to protect her when the clouds are grey!

He also has some advice for his daughter: “This criticism would give you further strength to be stronger for the next. Consider this criticism as a lesson and think about how you can work on it and implement the suggestions.”

But as a matter of fact, Suniel believes that she’s already doing that!

What a great father to have!

But when Athiya was asked who her favourite hero of Bollywood is, she said: “Salman Khan, I don’t think there is a doubt about that. I have learnt so many things from Salman sir. He is such a special person, such a special human being that everybody just falls in love with him. He is so kind-hearted. He makes everyone feel special, no matter who you are. He has this quality that he can make you smile and laugh at any point of time. He is very professional and you feel very comfortable with him. I learn something from him everyday. Everyday I notice something different and I learn that.”

And more about her father: “I have learnt a lot from him too, but I hope that I can become the human being he is and the goodwill that he has in the industry. I hope I live up to his expectations and make him proud of me.”