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Asin: Home for Onam!

Asin Thottumkal


Mumbai, Sept. 8 -- Often Bollywood actors don't get a chance to celebrate special occasions and festivals with their families because of their erratic schedules. But to avoid missing out on Onam festivities (on Sunday, September 7), Asin flew down to Kochi, Kerala, on her way back from the Maldives, to celebrate with her loved ones.

"I am in Kochi now. I got a chance to celebrate Onam with my entire family after many years, as I had been busy shooting the past few years," says Asin.

Sharing the details of the revelry, the actor says, "I just love when everyone gets dressed up in customary attire. I love wearing the traditional white sari with a gold border, so I did that. Also, whenever I'm around, I'm in charge of making the Pookalam (a colourful arrangement of flowers on the floor). I remember plucking flowers to make it when I was a child, and this year too, I was the one who made it," adds the actor.

While the actor was elated to meet her parents, the fact that she got to spend the festival with her extended family gave her joy. "My parents are with me, but I am happy that my cousins, uncles and aunts also joined us. It had been really long since I got to meet everyone," expresses Asin.