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Ashutosh: 'Hrithik has a larger-than-life personality'

Ashutosh Gowariker


New Delhi, Oct. 1 -- Filmmaker Ashutosh Gowariker, who was very keen on Hrithik Roshan playing the lead in his upcoming period drama, says that the actor has a striking personality which is best suited for his film.

"Hrithik has a larger-than-life personality. Be it a superhero or Akbar, he makes a larger than life character and film believable," says Gowariker.

The filmmaker started her career as an actor on television and says that he would love to come back, if he gets the time. "I would love to (act again). I enjoyed acting a lot. But direction is a very demanding job. Balancing both is difficult. I don't allow anything to distract me," he says.

Gowariker, who is also producing an upcoming show on TV about a girl who decides to climb Mt Everest, says that the show has both drama as well as adventure.

"I got the freedom to tell a story (through this show). The show is very new for the audience. It has both drama and adventure," he says, adding that viewers are open to anything which promises to engage them. "The television audience is very different from the one watching films in a theatre. They will watch something that keeps them engaged. The drama in my show is about the girl and I hope that it will keep them hooked on," he says.