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Ashmit gets a gift from Sallu!

Ashmit Patel

New Delhi, Feb. 16 -- Actor Salman Khan has gifted actor Ashmit Patel a canvas that he painted.

Ashmit, who worked with Salman in his recent film, Jai Ho, was more than elated to have received it.    

"Working with him was such a nice experience, and when I got his gift, I was more than happy," he says.    

Famous for his generosity, Salman, 48, signed the painting and gifted it to Ashmit, who has got it framed and plans to preserve it.    

"While we were shooting for Jai Ho, there was a scene in the film where Salman's character Jai, scribbles and makes a human chain on a piece of newspaper. When the shot was over, Salman bhai wanted to paint, and therefore, colours were brought. He ended up painting then and there," says the 36-year-old actor of reality show Bigg Boss fame.