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Arshad's got a shoe fetish..

Arshad Warsi


New Delhi, Dec. 13 -- Actor Arshad Warsi, who is currently in Bhopal to shoot his upcoming film that's helmed by Prakash Jha, went around touring the city, and guess what the 46-year-old filled up his shopping bags with? Thirty pairs of shoes!

A source from the film's unit reveals that the actor was so enamoured by the variety of shoes at one of the famous stores in the city of lakes that he ended up buying dozens of them for himself, his family, friends and even the film's crew.

"Arshad was accompanied by his staff who also liked a few pairs so he happily bought a few pairs for them. He had already bought a good number of them for himself, for some members of the crew, his family and also for his friends back in Mumbai," says the source adding, "Eventually he had to buy a couple of more suitcases to fit in those shoes."