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Arshad Warsi: Second-time challenge

Arshad Warsi

New Delhi, Jan. 25 -- Arshad Warsi's recoming of the blunt and brash Babban act in Dedh Ishqiya has just won him acclaim, as did his role of Circuit in the Munna Bhai series. The 45-year-old actor says it's always about playing the character better the second time around.    

You have been part of two successful sequels - Dedh Ishqiya and Lage Raho Munna Bhai. How challenging is it to visit the same character again? Revisiting a character isn't tough, but my challenge is how to make the character better. I can play the same role years after the first film, but I always look at what new nuance can be added to it. Babban and Circuit are both raw and have the same nature, yet they are completely different. I try to make every character I play, different.    

Would you say that the best performances of your career were in these films? They were mediocre performances, though I enjoyed playing Babban more. In terms of depth, I think Sehar (2005) was better. Munna Bhai was appreciated and it gave me a new lease of life.    

Naseeruddin Shah said you shouldn't make the mistake of limiting yourself to comic parts. Do you agree? Yes, I am tired of doing comedy. I enjoy serious cinema too. Thankfully, in Subhash Kapoor's Guddu Rangeela, I have a serious side.