Arshad Warsi
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Arshad Warsi performs his own stunts!

Arshad Warsi

By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, March 28 -- Bollywood actor Arshad Warsi, who is known for his comic timing, is all set to change his image. For his upcoming film, the 45-year-old is performing his own stunts.    

Although, action hasn't been Warsi's forte in his almost 20-year-old career, he is doing some 'kickass' stunts in his upcoming film, The Legend Of Michael Mishra. From somersaulting over a car to running through bomb explosions, the Dedh Ishqiya actor is braving it all.    

Talking about Warsi's love for stunts, a unit member says, "The stunts are quite strenuous but Arshad has done them all. He had even hurt his head some time back while shooting for a scene where he was hung upside down. He brushed it aside and continued doing the stunts himself."    

Ask Arshad about it and he says he really wanted to give it a shot himself. "I've never done hard core action as such and this was my chance. I decided to do stunts on my own and I think I've done decently well without a body double. I'm quite happy with the results," he says.