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Arshad shoots for his next in a hospital in Patiala..

Arshad Warsi


Mumbai, Jan. 20 -- Bollywood actor Arshad Warsi is currently shooting for his next in Punjab. Recently, he had to shoot for a scene in a hospital in Patiala.

Apparently, when the members of the film's unit entered a ward that had patients suffering from tuberculosis (TB), everyone wore masks, except Arshad.

"As soon as I entered the hospital, the response that I got from the patients, including the kids, was really touching. I intended to wear a mask initially, but I did not want to disappoint the patients. They wanted to click pictures with me, and getting photos with the mask on made no sense," says the actor.

Apparently, Arshad had a discussion with an on-duty doctor who clarified that given his fine health, his exposure to patients suffering from TB should not pose any risk.

"I checked with a doctor whether it was safe for me to roam around without a mask, and he said it should not be a problem as I looked hale and hearty. This also gave me a chance to joke around with the kids. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience," says Arshad.