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Arshad heads for the Himalayas!

Arshad Warsi

Mumbai, March 28 -- While Arshad Warsi has wrapped up the shooting schedule of his next film that is directed by Manish Jha, he wants to take off for a vacation with his friends before the schedule of his next project commences.

To make the most of his free time, the actor will be heading to Nepal next month for a 15-day trek, with his school friends.    

Revealing details of his vacation, Arshad says, "My school friends are avid trekkers. They usually ask me to join them whenever they go hiking. So, I will be joining them this time. I will be reaching Nepal on April 5 and will start the trek the next day. It will last till April 17 and I will return to Mumbai on April 18."    

He adds, "I am sure it will be a rejuvenating experience. I will leave for IIFA as soon as I return, and will then immediately leave for the shoot of my next film."    

Although Arshad has lingering pain in his knees, he says he won't let that spoil his trip. "I will wear braces, but I won't let that affect my plans," says the actor.    While this is his first visit to Nepal, Arshad has gone hiking and biking before. "I went for a bike ride to Ladakh and have gone trekking to Canada with my friends in the past. But, this is my first visit to Nepal," he says.