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Aamir is too much of a megastar to play Circuit: Arshad

Arshad Warsi

By Tulsi, News Network

It looks like Bollywood biggies wish to do any role other than the ones they have! Shahrukh Khan recently expressed his desire to work on in Dhoom film, and then stated that he had no idea about Don 3 happening.

Now, of course, it’s Aamir’s turn to express himself on playing a role, much different than what SRK wishes to play. He wants to play ultra-famous Munna bhai’s Circuit!

Now lets see what Arshad Warsi has to say about that! “Aamir is just kidding. He is too big to play Circuit. He's too much of a megastar to play Circuit.” Firstly, we do agree with this, Arshad. And secondly, I don’t think anyone wishes to see anyone else play Circuit but Arshad Warsi! Arshad Warsi as an actor is the essence of the character of Circuit. So, no Aamir, please choose another film to be part of. Maybe “Don 3”?