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Arjun Rampal: 'Mehr is never insecure about me'

New Delhi, Nov. 10 -- Hot as ever at 40, with a steadily increasing fan following, ask actor Arjun Rampal if his wife Mehr ever gets jealous about women going crazy about him, and he says, "Not at all. In fact, she wants my fan following to get bigger. Mehr is never insecure about me."    

Talking more about his fans, Rampal says that there are actually crazy things that his fans often do to get a glimpse of him. "Once some fans entered my house by fooling my security staff by saying that they were my relatives. I mean, I was amazed at their guts," says Rampal, who was recently in Delhi to launch Galaxy chocolates. So how does he like his new 'chocolate boy' image as the brand ambassador of chocolates? "People have only seen me in intense roles, so it's good for a change," he smirks.