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Arjun overwhelmed by the love given to Daddy!


Actor Arjun Rampal, who essays the role of gangster Arun Gawli in the film Daddy, has received a lot of love and respect from fans across Maharashtra. In fact, at the exhibitors' insistence, the film will now be shown on an additional 35 screens in the state.
Arjun says that the reaction to the film and his role has been overwhelming and that he didn't expect such frenzy from the fans. 
"I didn't expect this at all. But I guess [Arun Gawli] is a well-known personality in Maharashtra; people know his story and were keen to watch it on the big screen. When your exhibitors are asking for an increase in the number of screens and shows, it is promising." very dedicated and deter mined creative mind. Watching him work with his team is such an amazing experience. Supporting this project has been a real pleasure for me. His passion is infectious, and we, as producers, share it equally."
The actor is also glad that Gawli's family members have appreciated his performance. "They loved it and they got really emotional, because they liked the way his character was portrayed. The best compliment - especially as this is a biopic - has been people saying that I actually look and behave like him."
Abhishek feels the same way. He says, "This film has been a dream for me. The shoot has been challenging, but the entire unit loves filming it here in the lap of divinity. I am lucky to have found like-minded people to work on this project."