Arjun Rampal
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Arjun: I do the work I believe in..


New Delhi, Dec. 5 -- Actor Arjun Rampal is flying off to Mexico to a meditation retreat. It is a much-needed break, says the actor, who has had two releases this year. When on the retreat, he will be incommunicado.

"That's right. I am out of the country for 10 days for meditation. No family, no communication, no baggage, nor friends. Just me and my solitude. Sometimes a man needs to just collect his thoughts together," he says.

Arjun, who turned 44 in November, says he is happy with the way his life and career are going. "I think I always wanted the life that I am now leading. So no complaints," he says.

The National Film Award-winning actor adds, "It feels good be praised. But my self-worth doesn't depend on reviews. I do the work I believe in. It may not work at the box office or with critics. But that doesn't take away from my faith in what I do."