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Success brings more stress, says Arjun Kapoor


Actor Arjun Kapoor might be currently content with his career, but he knows that in the coming years, the more success he gets, the more stress he will have to deal with.

“If you survive this profession and stay here for the long run, there is one thing which is bound to happen. I feel the younger you are, the less stressed you are. Success makes you want to pre- empt failure before it happens. You try and manoeuvre yourself all the time. The pressure to maintain stardom hovers above your head,” says Kapoor, who made his Bollywood debut in 2012 with Ishaqzaade.

Has recognition and fame changed him in any way?

“I am the last person who can answer that. You have to ask the people around but yes, I have seen the change in the way people look at me and behave around me,” he says.

The actor who has been part of films such Aurangzeb, Two States and Ki & Ka, compares careers to relationships.

“Your connection with films is similar to the way it is with your relationships. Some relationships end on a good note and some don’t. It takes time to make peace with it. You seek closure when you come to terms with success or failure,” he says.

The actor, who has seen his share of success and failure with the films,admires the career of his contemporary actors instead of feeling envious.

“I feel equally sad when someone’s film does not do well because I am an actor and my choices are an extension of a boy making such brave decisions so early in his career. I am very emotional about my competition because by the end of the day they are colleagues. I feel for them and I feel their emotions, I can relate to their happiness and sadness,” says the actor.