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Katrina isn't my rakhi sister: Arjun

Arjun Kapoor

New Delhi, March 11 -- At a time when Bollywood actors are often seen striving to ward off link-up rumours, actor Arjun Kapoor has a unique 'sibling controversy' to deal with. And the woman in question is, Katrina Kaif. Recent reports suggest that Arjun and Katrina may never work together as an onscreen couple, because she tied him a rakhi about six years back.

But, the 28-year-old Kapoor rubbishes these rumours.    "It was just a joke that I guess has been taken too far. She (Katrina) used to threaten me that she will tie me a rakhi but she never did, and anyway, it was all in jest." The two were introduced to each other by Arjun's mentor, actor Salman Khan, who was allegedly seeing Katrina at that time.    

So, is he open to working with Katrina, someday? "Why not? She is not Sonam (Kapoor, his first cousin) or like ... my real sister that I cannot work with her (as an on-screen couple). She's a good friend and I am definitely open to work with her any day," says Arjun, who's busy with a hectic ongoing shoot schedule and the promotions of his next release.

Ask him if he is exhausted with so much work, and he says, "This is the time, ab nahin kaam karunga toh kab karunga? I am not tired at all. I have got used to it now, and I am enjoying my work." And who does he consider his competition? "I don't think of competition. I am just finding my own feet in Bollywood now."