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I would like to do more item numbers: Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor


Mumbai, Jan. 5 -- Bollywood will kickstart its year with Tevar (releasing on January 9), which is not just Arjun Kapoor's first film with his father, Boney Kapoor (co-producer) and his uncle Sanjay Kapoor, but also Sanjay's debut as a producer. The three Kapoors talk about their home production, and the bond they share.

Why didn't the father-son duo work together earlier?

ARJUN KAPOOR: I wanted to work with dad, but nothing was falling in place. Also, it is boring to do the expected. People would have expected me to do my first film with my father. But I wanted to be an asset for him, and not a concern, which as a newcomer, I would have been.

BONEY KAPOOR: Isn't it better that my son has proved himself on his own? For this film, he has come with his own strengths. This has doubled our strength as a team.

Why isn't Anil Kapoor part of the film?

SANJAY KAPOOR: We, as a family, have never made films for a gimmick. It all depends on the script. In Tevar, we had Pintoo's character, which Arjun fits perfectly, and then Sonakshi was on our mind for Radhika, but for Gajendar Singh, we needed someone with a lot of weight as a negative character. And from the first day itself, we all were sure about Manoj Bajpayee. So, there was no scope for anybody else to fit in.

How was it working with family?

SANJAY: Working with Arjun was a rather emotional experience. Amongst all my nieces and nephews, I am closest to him. In his growing years, I used to be really worried about him. He had no focus in life, he had major weight issues to deal with, and he wasn't good with studies. I used to be concerned about his future. But after he joined Karan Johar's production house, and assisted Nikhil Advani (director) in Kal Ho Na Ho (2003), things changed for him. And then Salaam-eIshq (2007; Arjun was an assistant director on the film) happened where he met Salman Khan. After that, he decided to become an actor.

ARJUN: He (Sanjay) has been a friend and a father figure to me. He has always been there for me, and if I could be a small part of his new beginning, then why not?

How does it feel to be tagged as the item boy of the industry?

ARJUN: I like the tag. And, frankly speaking, why should girls have all the fun? Dancing is great fun. There is more energy, and spunk to these kinds of songs. I would like to do more and more item numbers, as I personally like songs that force people to shake a leg.

What is the USP of the film?

BONEY: The USP of Tevar is the attitude of the film.