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Bollywood Stars: Don't link me up!

Arjun Kapoor


New Delhi, Dec. 16 -- Now they are 'just friends', now they are 'special'. Sometimes they are actually dating, sometimes it's a publicity stunt. And then, there are times when these young Bollywood actors actually just hang out with other star buddies, and get tired of the linkups, finally shouting out loud that there's nothing going on there.

For instance, Sonakshi Sinha, who was first linked with her debut film's co-actor Salman Khan, then Shahid Kapoor, and now Arjun Kapoor, says, "You can't link me up with my co-stars in every film I'm doing - it's not like changing clothes!"

Arjun Kapoor, who has also been linked with Alia Bhatt, says, "These things are part and parcel of an actor's life." Meanwhile, actor Sidharth Malhotra is still learning to cope. "I'm trying to get immune to all the gossip."

Varun Dhawan, who has been linked to Alia and Bipasha Basu among others, calls link-up reports "stupid". "It's school mentality - if you're spotted with a girl, she's your girlfriend!" Actor Parineeti Chopra seems to agree with Dhawan: "Can't a woman have coffee or lunch without being linked to someone? They link me with the costar of any film I do," she said in an earlier interview. Shahid Kapoor, who has had his share of rumours, rues the same problem. "Whether you go for a movie with someone or a meal or a drive, it is assumed that you are dating that person."

Experts say it's only inevitable. "Linkups are part and parcel of stardom, and the sooner celebs learn to deal with it, the better," says Atul Mohan, industry expert.