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Arjun won't clarify rumours!

Arjun Kapoor


New Delhi, March 30 -- Whether it's link-up rumours with actor Sonakshi Sinha, a recently reported fight with actor Alia Bhatt or taking off mysteriously to Goa, Arjun Kapoor says he won't justify his actions to anyone.

"I don't want to explain myself to anyone. When you are a known person, there are certain things that you like to hold back, and certain things which you would like to share. I feel I have done a decent job of balancing these till now," says the 29-year-old actor, who was in the city as part of WWF's Earth Hour initiative.

Kapoor feels that social media has provided the perfect platform for public figures to communicate with their fans directly. "Today, with a medium like Twitter, you can explain things to fans yourself. If I ever want to say something, that is the best medium," he says, adding, "So even if there are speculative stories, I can clear everything this way."

And after a point, he prefers to stop. "You can't go on justifying something again and again. At a certain point, you have to stop, you can't keep explaining yourself," says the actor.

For instance, he's not going to say anything about the AIB roast of which he was a part, since enough has been said about it. The controversial show was condemned by many in the industry, including actor Aamir Khan. "I think enough has been said and spoken about this (roast). I don't think I need to add anything now," he says.