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Arjun Kapoor: You're on candid camera..

Arjun Kapoor


Mumbai, Dec. 4 -- Arjun Kapoor, who stars in Amit Sharma's directorial debut, has already started promoting the January release. The actor has come up with his own strategy, wherein he has got a team of camerapersons to follow him around during the film's outdoor promotional events.

Just like behind-the scenes videos that give viewers a look into the making of a movie, these videos will show the audience what goes into promoting a film. The camerapersons, who were hired last week, will accompany Arjun around the country - on city tours, media interviews, events and more - up till the release of the film.

The videos will capture city tours, media interviews and events. "Arjun wants people to know how actors are briefed before their reality show appearances, the strategies they develop for promotions and the chaos that fans create when they get a glimpse of stars at airports or on city tours. The videos will be put online one after the other, and they, too, will add to the film's promotions," says a source close to the actor.

When contacted, Arjun confirmed the news, saying, "Everybody may know what goes into the making of a movie, but we thought, 'Why not take people through the process of a promotional campaign?' I think it connects audiences to our film in a more personal way."