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Arjun Kapoor: 'Sonam checks on me like a mother'

Mumbai, Feb. 10 -- Just two films old, Arjun Kapoor is already considered among Bollywood's top young talents. Here, he discusses his equation with co-star Ranveer Singh, their alleged tiff over actor Anushka Sharma and how his cousin, actor Sonam Kapoor (who happened to walk in half-way through this interview), is his possessive, mother-like sibling.

'It's not just about one person. I've now let my guard down because I'm getting respect from the audience, the media and the fraternity in general. But yes, Ranveer has had an impact on me as a person, in a good way. He's a positive guy. Whatever the media disliked about him a few years ago is exactly what they like about him now. If we had a problem, we wouldn't be doing a film together. We decided that we had each other's phone numbers to clarify things, and not use newspapers. We met at a party and said, 'You and I both keep the faith. Let's not jeopardise our friendship over trivial issues.' Now, I don't want our friendship to be jinxed. I'm so busy with work that I barely get to meet my sister Anshula. I feel very bad. But Sonam checks on me like a mother now. She calls every week, asking if she should send something to eat, or if I need anything else. She has become this mother father-brother-sister. Professionally, we have a very non-interfering relationship. She is known for her own choices and in the same way, she wants me to create my own personality. Personally, yes, I have to take Sonam's 'aashirwad' (blessings) before I settle with any girlfriend or even befriend a girl (laughs). Sonam is a possessive sister. During school, she would use me as an older brother as per her convenience. I will be aware of her opinion if someone steps into my life. I (will) need acceptance and validation. Sonam will say, 'I have given my opinion, now you take a call.'