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Arjun Kapoor: 'Life comes a full circle'

Arjun Kapoor


New Delhi, Aug. 11 -- Actor Arjun Kapoor was supposed to collaborate with director Homi Adajania for Being Cyrus (2005) - the latter's directorial debut. But, the association didn't materialise because Arjun got jaundice. In the upcoming film, Finding Fanny, they finally got to work together.

Talking about the series of occurrences that unfolded back then, an industry insider says, "It was at a social event that Arjun learnt about Homi's directorial debut. He had read the script, and was on board to assist Homi. But just about 10 days prior to the commencement of the film's schedule, Arjun was diagnosed with jaundice and had to back out of the project."

Both Arjun and Homi are excited about their upcoming film. "Life comes a full circle. What was meant to happen almost a decade ago is happening now, just in a different capacity. I'm glad that Homi and I have finally collaborated. Working with him has been an awesome experience," says Arjun.