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Arjun: 'I want to fulfil my mom's dream'

Arjun Kapoor


Mumbai, June 3 -- Arjun Kapoor has often spoken about the close bond he shared with his late mother, Mona Kapoor. Apparently, one of the things she had wanted was for the actor to study abroad. And in spite of a flourishing acting career, Arjun says he still hopes to be able to fulfil his mother's dream.     

"I'd like to take about two-three months off, and do something. I know I'm going to do it, but only when it comes naturally to me, and when I'm mentally prepared to take a sabbatical. I want to fulfil my mother's dream," says Arjun.

"She had always imagined me going abroad to study... so I would like to do it for my mom's sake," he says. The actor adds, however, that he doesn't yet have a plan in place, for this phase of his life. "I would very much like to go and experience life abroad... just disappear for a while, live on my own, be by myself and do my own thing," he says.

Ask him if he has any idea as to where he might go, and he says, "I would probably go to a country where I'm not recognised.     I am yet to plan things out. Also, it's something I may not share [with the media]. If I share it, then it will sort of take away from the fact that I'm going to disappear."

Since he's already in Bollywood, aren't the chances high that he'll end up doing a film-related course? Not really, says Arjun. "I'd like to learn something new. I'm a big foodie, so the art of good cooking excites me. It's a vague thought, but maybe, I'd like to go to a culinary school where they teach you to make simple, basic stuff in a month or two," he says.