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Mother's birthday lucky for Arbaaz Khan!

Arbaaz Khan


Mumbai, Dec. 7 -- Arbaaz Khan, who will begin the promotions for his film starring Sonam Kapoor on December 8, says he picked the date to coincide with mother Salma Khan's birthday.

"If someone is very close to you, their birthday is a good day to start something. I felt my mother's birthday is the perfect day to start promoting my next film. Also, since these activities generally start a couple of months in advance, it seemed like a good time," says the film-maker.

Arbaaz has been discussing several marketing ideas with his team. "A promo will be released on December 8, and thereafter, there will be several other activities. We will be going to TV shows and launching songs too," he says, adding, "Along with Sonam, I will be part of all the events because I think it is important to promote a film that you believe in."