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Why Anushka and Virat are perfect for each other!

Anushka Sharma

By Tulsi, News Network

They are each other’s strength and support. They cheer for each other during good times, and hold each other’s hand during tougher times. Now, that’s what real love is, right?

Anushka Sharma definitely feels so!

Here’s what she has to say about her relationship with Virat Kohli, and why we feel that they are perfect for each other!

"I don't think I would have been open to a relationship had I not been feeling stable already. In fact, I would not have taken on a relationship at the level I am with Virat, if I myself was not feeling like a proper person. It's only because I started feeling sorted two years back when I met Virat that I was open to the beautiful relationship that we have right now. So it came together at the right time, but also, it is true that people do that to one another. When you respect and love each other for the right reasons and for the real reasons, that's when you bring that stability and calmness in one another. Why do we say that our family and friends bring us stability? They bring stability as they love us for the real reasons. They are not seeking anything from you. I can't stress the importance of the 'real' part enough. Virat is family to me and we want each other to be happy. If my parents or brother or Virat were upset, it would upset me but those are the only people who are important to me and can change my mood. Earlier I would give that power to anybody, but that power is today only with them. Now no one else has the power over me."

"I like the exact same things that he likes about me. Not many people know that me and Virat are very similar and we are actually the same people. It's very scary as it is actually like that. He is also someone who right from the beginning of his career knew what he wanted and I can say the same thing about myself. We keep thinking that shit it can't be more similar. We are both kids who come from middle-class backgrounds and are both kids who did well on our own. Nobody helped us or opened that gate for us to say aao andar aao. And we didn't follow the beaten path and we took the beating for not following the beaten path. He went through the same things as I. He was judged on his tattoos, his aggression that today people celebrate. Both of us are clear today about what we want."