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When a TV presenter called Anushka "Virat's wife"!

Anushka Sharma

By Tulsi, News Network

Amidst all the Dhoni and Virat drama in the cricket world, we have Virat’s never-ending flying kisses to Anushka that come along with his centuries! It’s not just the Indians that are catching on to this cute couple’s shenanigans, though.

The media doesn’t miss a chance to capture these lovebirds showing some love, and it’s spreading across the international cricket world too. So much that cricket commentator Michael Slater accidently called Anushka Sharma “Virat Kohli’s wife”!

Oops! Now that’s quite funny, and slightly embarrassing as well!

As Virat blew his kiss of love to Anushka across the Melbourne Cricket Ground on the final day of the third test between India and Australia, Michael Slater didn’t fail to mention it, but by mistakenly called her his wife! He then realised his mistake, and corrected himself by calling her his fiancé!

Well, all we can say is that the inseparable couple is grabbing a lot of positive attention and spreading a lot of love across the world of cricket, which is much needed right now with the current situation of quarrels between the Indian team, Dhoni quitting, and everybody questioning Indian cricket post this scenario.