Anushka Sharma
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What Anushka feels about entering the 300 crore club!

Anushka Sharma

By Tulsi, News Network

She is the first actress to have crossed such a huge milestone at such a young age! Despite creating such large controversies across the nation, PK has broken all records and is still going strong internationally. Anushka also got a standing ovation from the Indian cricket team! All this must be overwhelming for Ms. Sharma.

Here’s what she says: “See, I would never try to go towards the result of my film and think how much money it is going to make. I can just not look into my films like that. I would rather want to know if people have loved the film and whether they have loved my performance; that’s something which is more important to me. Jab woh sab theek hoga toh money toh aa hi jaayegi. Let me quote from Hirani’s own 3 Idiots – ‘You chase excellence and success will come to you’. That has been my thought as well.”

Now that’s a wonderful piece of though, Anushka! She learns, observes, works hard, and gives everything she’s got.