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Virat-Anushka: It's raining love and style!

Anushka Sharma

By Tulsi, News Network

The couple is so adorable, romantic, and so stylish! While most of the time we cannot get our eyes of the couple, who are always showing some love to each other whenever and wherever they can, especially in cricket stadiums around the world, their fashion sense is something can just not be missed or ignored!

Well, they have been spotted and clicked again, this time hand in hand in Melbourne. While Virat is playing the 3rd test match against Australia, Anushka is all set to cheer for him like she always does!

What we absolutely loved about the photograph is what the couple was wearing! Absolutely casual and comfortable. While Virat Kohli was wearing a smart, faded denim shirt with funky pockets and inner collar, black track pants and white Adidas shoes, Miss Sharma was right behind him in her casual skinny jeans, plain white top, a chick scarf, sporty black cap and white sneakers.

The two are so effortlessly stylish, that we keep wanting to see more of them!