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She is a cracking actor and makes me look good! : Ranveer about Anushka

Anushka Sharma

By Tulsi, News Network

We just love this adorable duo! We loved them in Band Baaja Baraat and we love them in Dil Dhadakne Do!  

But what we love even more is when Ranveer Singh talks about Anushka Sharma! There is so much affection and admiration! Hear what he has to say about working with ex-flame, and now a very, very darling friend, Anushka:

Everyone has been saying on social media, that the ‘Band BaajaBaraat’ duo is back. Of course that’s us but I hope that they don’t come to the theatre expecting us to share the kind of banter that Bittoo Sharma &Shruti Kakkar had. They were two distinct characters, very very different from Farah Ali & Kabir Mehra. As actors, it’s important for us to mold ourselves into these characters. The dynamic they share is different as are the interactions. While you will see the two of us together, this is something new on offer.

Also since the time we did ‘Band Baaja Baraat’ together, we have evolved as actors. We’re different people since then. So the interactions will be interesting to see. Zoya is a fantastic writer and she knows so much about relationships. Along with Reema (Kagti) she writes out these characters very well.

I admire Anushka for having the security to take up a part in an ensemble cast you know. I was thrilled to bits when she had signed the film. There are three things here. One is a chance to reunite with Anushka; she is a cracking actor and makes me look good! Second is the star value that she brings to an ensemble. It makes the film even more star studded. And she is an actor. She is not there for glam value alone. She also has the coolest part, which is why she picked it up (smiles) But hats off to her for the coolness to be part of an ensemble. I was hoping I would make up for the nuisance that I was to her during our first two films. I would ask her so many questions and then be hyper over small things. I was definitely calmer and do hope I have made up for that!”

Wow! He can really talk!

And after seeing this picture together, who can deny that she really makes him look good... Isn’t it adorable? Ranveer Singh shared on Twitter it with a caption that describes the picture perfectly well:  “Sunshine people! :) @AnushkaSharma #ZoyaAkhtar #DilDhadakneDo #DDDTitleTrack”.