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OMG: Anushka to perform for IPL8's opening ceremony?

Anushka Sharma

By Tulsi, News Network

We’ve lost the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 in the worst spirit ever. Blame goes to? Virat’s girlfriend Anushka. And now comes IPL. Which Bollywood star is glamming up the opening ceremony? Virat’s girlfriend Anushka.


The opening ceremony of the T20 match will happen on April 7th in Kolkata, and rumours have it that Anushka will be performing her best tracks at the event.

While her friends shared with us how this whole Virat Kohli relationship thing and what people are making out of it is hitting her self-esteem badly, this news comes to us like it’s the most obvious, expected, and normal thing to do.

We’re really not sure if that’s a good idea… We really did expect something more not-so-obvious from the talented and smart Anushka.