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I've always praised others' good work: Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma


Anushka Sharma, who is currently touring Australia with her boyfriend, Indian test ­cricket captain Virat Kohli, has ­clarified that she will not discuss the relationship as she doesn’t want her ­personal life to become ­entertainment. However, she is more than willing to talk about her professional equations. The actor, who has just delivered a big hit co-starring Aamir Khan, says that she has no insecurities, and does not compete with her ­contemporaries. In fact, she says she loves appreciating their good work.

“I get very excited when I see a good performance because it’s like an inspiration. I felt that last with Kangana’s performance in Queen (2014). I think she was fantastic in the film, I called her to say that! Vikas (Bahl) had shown me portions of the film a year before it released, and I was so impressed,” says the 26-year-old, adding that she also liked Alia Bhatt’s act in Highway (2014). “I really liked Alia in Highway and even told her about it. I would even tell Ranbir that he was damn good in Barfi! ... but all that’s never ­written about, because it’s not so interesting to read positive things. It’s more exciting to read negative things like actresses fighting and ­people hating each other.”

She calls these things a 'by-the-way thing'. “And people must be thinking, ‘Oh yeh bhi jhooth hoga’. People don’t realise that to get this far in life, you have to have a lot of ­passion for what you do. And I love it when I see someone doing the same thing so well.”

Anushka adds that she’ll continue to appreciate her contemporaries. “It’s a competitive industry, but if you are an artist, it’s unnatural to not feel happy about someone else’s good work. I am not going to just praise anyone for the heck of it. But if I really do, no matter what the world might think of what my relationship with this person is, I will still be appreciative because it gives me a lot of joy to express myself.”