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Bollywood love predictions!

Anushka Sharma

Nothing intrigues Bollywood fans more than news about the love lives of their favourite stars. And even as four leading filmy couples oscillate between accepting and denying their relationship, we get three astrologers to predict where their relationships are headed.

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor

Nitin Manchanda: Their relationship has already hit a rough patch. Any attempts at reconciliation won't benifit the relationship post March 25, and by November it may even end for good. Ranbir will possibly get attracted to someone.

Prem Kumar Sharma: Because the lord of love, Venus, is afflicted for them and then there's also influence of malefic planets, the relationship will become unstable.

P. Khurrana: There is great physical attraction between them due to the numbers that rule them. They'll continue to be a victim of rumours. Katrina's destiny number 8 won't let her take a hurried decision about marriage.

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli

Nitin Manchanda:  Their relationship won't be smooth. Soon after March, Virat would be busy with his work, and Anushka will be busy after May. This may lead to differences, and a short-lived relationship. Also, in November, Anushka may even get into a new relationship.

Prem Kumar Sharma: While they are compatible and love may blossom initially, the two remain indecisive about long-term plans or marriage.

P. Khurrana: While Virat's philosophy of "think big" appeals to Anushka, Virat wouldn't want to commit to marriage right now.

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh

Nitin Manchanda: They are cupid's favourite. Though they are deeply in love right now, there may be some trouble in their paradise from November to January due to Ranveer's planetary position of Saturn.

P. Khurrana: Both have a practical approach towards this relationship. They will enjoy a smooth ride, but wedding bells are not on cards yet.

Prem Kumar Sharma: While Ranveer may become serious, Deepika's planetary positions may induce inconsistency. Trouble indicated from June to September.

Hurman Baweja and Bipasha Basu
Nitin Manchanda: The couple is under the influence of Jupiter, and will handle their relationship in a mature way. A long term relationship is indicated from July.

P. Khurrana: Their relationship will blossom. Marriage is on the cards!

Prem Kumar Sharma: Bipasha may be serious, however Hurman's planetary positions won't allow him to commit immediately.