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Bollywood Celebs: Hair us out..

Anushka Sharma


Mumbai, Sept. 2 -- Mumbai has always been seen as a city that welcomes one and all. And Bollywood has, in its own way, provided opportunities to whoever has come looking for work here. However, a recent trend - an influx of hair and make-up artists from abroad, owing to a few Bollywood stars' apparent preference for them - seems to have got the local talent pool worried.

Katrina Kaif 's makeup artist, Subhash Singh, says, "Now, actors are in favour of working with foreigners, as they are supposedly more advanced (sic)."

Deepika Padukone's former hairstylist, Gohar Shaikh, reveals that other actresses are also following the trend: "Deeepika has also started using foreign artistes, as have others like Anushka [Sharma] and Parineeti [Chopra], among others," Shaikh says.

Madhuri Nakhle, Bipasha Basu's hairstylist, adds that "there are people who have worked with the actors for years, from the beginning of their careers... now, they are being replaced. Foreign artists are also paid much higher."

Most of the local artists are registered with the Cine Costume & Make-up Artists Association. Sharad Shelar, its president, says that the foreign talent needs to register with the association: "If foreign artists are brought here, they have to follow our system. But, our decades-old association is not to keep local people out of jobs...".

Anushka and Parineeti's publicist, on being contacted, says that "most actors use foreign artists from time to time. It does not mean they do not work with Indian artists." Also, the publicist for Deepika and Shraddha Kapoor says that the trend does not hold true for these two actors.

We tried reaching Katrina, but she was unavailable for comment. We tried reaching her publicist over 24 hours, over email, text and phone, but did not get a response till the time of going to press at 4.30 pm.

We called international hair and make-up artist Daniel Bauer, who now works with Katrina, among other actors. His manager tells us, "Daniel is in the process of joining the Cine Union. He has an OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India), since his mother is Indian."