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Banning India's Daughter makes us look regressive: Anushka

Anushka Sharma


Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma has joined other Bollywood celebrities to criticise the government's move to ban the documentary on December 16 gangrape in India, saying such things make our country look regressive.

The 26-year-old said although she has not watched the documentary India's Daughter by British filmmaker Leslee Udwin, she feels the audience is mature enough to decide what they should watch. "I think such things should be left to public discretion and people's intelligence. We are old enough to deal with our emotions in that way. If other people decide what we should watch then in a way they are judging our thought process. That is my problem. Keeping silent about such things is not an option otherwise, it will make us regressive as a society. People will feel repressed and it would lead to a lot more problems," said Anushka, who will be next seen in NH10.

The film's co-producer Vikramaditya Motwane echoed similar sentiments and said that banning is not the solution. "Of course it (the documentary) should have been released. Nothing should be banned. I think it is just not good. We need to let people make their own judgement and if it is going to start a conversation then why not. I don't think anything should be brushed under the carpet at all," Motwane said.

Actor Neil Bhoopalam, who stars alongside Anushka in NH10, said such restrictions will only cause anger among people. "These sort of bans and curbing affect each and everyone of us. You cannot have an authority telling you this cannot happen and that cannot happen. It stunts us as a nation... The more you are suppressed, the more angry people will get," he said.

NH10, a thriller about a road trip gone wrong, has been directed by Navdeep Singh and it will hit theatres this Friday.