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Anushka's abusive cricketer boyfriend..

Anushka Sharma

By Tulsi, News Network

Yes, that’s what he’s known for lately. Sledging and bullying is something very common to him now, and the “we’ll give it back” is his anthem. But this time, he seems to have pushed it too far…

The news is that Virat Kohli abused a Hindustan Times journalist as a consequence of mistaken identity. He lashed out at him in front of all the media and his own team during the West Indies game at the WACA on Friday.

He was hurling the filthiest abuses from far, pointing a warning finger at him. The poor journalist had no idea at first, and was absolutely clueless why he was the target of this abusive rant by a star performer like Virat Kohli.

Team Director Ravi Shastri personally spoke to Kohli and advised him to keep his cool.

It turns out to be that Virat thought that this man was a journalist from another daily who had written an article about Anushka and him. He later apologized (through someone else), but it looks like this whole episode didn’t go down well with the journalist or the leading daily. They have taken it very seriously.