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Anushka wants a souvenir!

Anushka Sharma


Mumbai, Nov. 2 -- Anushka Sharma will be next seen in director Rajkumar Hirani's film starring Aamir Khan. The movie's promotional activity began with the release of the much talkedabout poster that featured a nude Aamir holding only a transistor.

Later, Anushka, too, posed with the same for another poster. And now, we have been told that she has expressed her desire to keep the transistor with her as a memorabilia. "During a recent meeting held at Hirani's office, where Aamir was also present, Anushka mentioned that she wants to keep the transistor as a memento. It is an important prop in the film. She is quite keen on keeping it as a souvenir post the release of the movie," says a source close to the actor.

In fact, Anushka was intrigued with the transistor even during the shoot. "She has told Hirani she wanted the radio since the shooting days as it has antique value. And now that people have also talked about the poster, she feels that this will be the best memorabilia for her to keep," adds the source.

While Anushka remained unavailable for a comment, Hirani confirmed the news, saying, "Yes, Anushka has requested for the transistor."