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Anushka is unlikely to attend any more cricket matches!

Anushka Sharma

By Tulsi, News Network

Post the blame dump on Anushka for losing the Cricket World Cup match, Anushka has been extremely upset.

A close friend of Anushka revealed that she had decided not to go to Sydney at all! But it was Virat who insisted her to come… “She doesn’t like being judged as a source of distraction at the matches,” we hear!

Well, we already knew that! Anushak isn’t the attention seeking sort at all. She’s confident, and puts her work and self esteem before everything!

But her friends say that this negative attention and scrutiny on their relationship has begun to take a toll on Anushka’s self-respect. “She never wanted all this attention. It sickens her to be constantly under scrutiny for her relationship. If this ceaseless interest in their relationship and the tendency to judge her constantly through his performances on field continues, we are afraid this may take its toll on their relationship,” says a friend.

Oh my god! That would really suck! The two are absolutely adorable, and have finally admitted their relationship in open…

We hear that BCCI strongly believes in keeping girlfriends and wives away from the cricketers during important matches. Clearly, this is going to be even more strict now. (so lame). Says a source from BCCI: “This is not a matter of personal freedom. It’s a matter of national pride.”

Well, goodbye sanity!