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Anushka Sharma not attending the Cricket World Cup

Anushka Sharma

By Tulsi, News Network

Yes, she was supposed to. But no, she’s not. Reason? She could be a distraction for Virat Kohli!

As we had told you before, Anushka was to visit Australia to lend her support to boyfriend Virat and the rest of the team for the semi-final match! But, the visit has now been cancelled.

A source revealed: “Virat has been advised to keep Anushka away just in case if they don’t win the semi-finals, fans wont put the blame on her like they did during India’s England tour.”

That’s true! I remember, that suddenly losing the match had become all Anushka’s fault, as cricket fans felt that she was distracting Virat. She had become a reason for him to lose his focus on the game. That was rather silly… An Virat even proved everyone wrong by blowing a kiss to Anushka every time he hit a century post this.

But it looks like BCCI doesn’t want to take any risk, as it could become a big deal this time! After all, everyone’s blood is pumping at a high level, and the excitement to win the World Cup is exhilarating!