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Anushka Sharma irritated about marriage rumours!

Anushka Sharma

By Tulsi, News Network

The last we heard of Anushka and Virat was just a few days ago when they went house hunting in Worli, and then a lunch date with Anushka’s daddy!

That’s pretty much all it took to spark off new rumours. And of course, it’s gotta be wedding rumours…

Yup! Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s wedding rumours are doing the rounds, and that has gotten on Anushka’s nerves!

Says her spokesperson: “There is no truth to the stories/rumours about Anushka sharma's impending wedding. Currently she is busy and happy with her work commitments. She has always been open about her life and would appreciate it and request everyone to wait for her to make announcements about her life instead of speculating."

Yikes! Now this is pretty loud and clear! And it’s true that she’s always open about her life, even her love life! So we’re sure that if anything like this is happening, she will surely not hide it! But honestly… We just cannot wait anymore! We really love these two hotties…