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Anushka Sharma: I'm happy that focus is on my work..


New Delhi, March 16 -- From debuting in Bollywood with Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008) to turning producer with NH10 (2015) and readying her next home production, actor Anushka Sharma has come a long way. Here's what's on the 28-year-old's mind:

For some time, the focus seems to have ebbed from your personal life (Anushka is reportedly dating cricketer Virat Kohli)...

I'm happy about that and want to distribute sweets and chocolates to people (smiles). I want people to know me for my work. I want to give them enough reason to talk about my work and that's what I am doing. That's the way I want things to be. I feel this is the time to focus just on my work.

You recently wore a T-shirt that read, 'We all should be feminists.' What's your take on the issue in today's times?

The concept of 'feminism' is completely abused in today's day and age. There are people who feel that feminism means male bashing, which isn't the case. Feminism is about equal rights for men and women. Whoever says they don't believe in it isn't human enough.

You'll soon complete a decade in Bollywood. How have things been?

The beginning was excruciatingly painful because I never planned to become an actor. I didn't grow up thinking that I will be an actor one day. Also, I was 19 when I signed my first film and was 20 when my first film released. So, a lot was going on, and I wasn't as calm and self-assured as I am today. Still, I was very clear headed and so did things on my own terms even then.

When you produce a film and act in it too, does that make things difficult?

You have to know when to cut off. It's very important. But on the whole, I enjoy my life and work more with more responsibilities. I manage to create that balance and know when I have to switch off.