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Religion scares filmmakers: Anupam Kher

Anupam Kher


Mumbai, April 25 -- Last month, when veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah questioned the way religion is portrayed in films, many people from the industry joined the debate with their point of view.

When we asked Anupam Kher what he feels about this, the 60-year-old actor says that Bollywood film-makers don't talk about religion in films as they are scared of the scrutiny that may follow.

"I understand these things are sensitive, and as artistes, we should respect beliefs. Be it films or theatre, the freedom of expression takes a back seat when we start talking about religion," he says.

Talking about what film-maker fear these days, he says, "Whether you make a film, an ad or a play, in some corner of the country, some group stands up to criticise the work. Any organisation can protest against your film because they claim they are hurt."

Kher adds that because of this fear, film-makers have become very particular about what they show. "Earlier, it didn't matter who was playing a maulvi or a pandit in a film. People were okay with films talking about religion. Now, people have started worrying about what films will show about their religion," he says.