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Anupam Kher: When art and creativity take centerstage..

Anupam Kher


New Delhi, April 13 -- "Anyone who can lie can become an actor," said the inimitable Anupam Kher as he spoke to a room full of theatre enthusiasts, at the recent Ireo Gurgaon Centerstage theatre carnival, in association with Hindustan Times.

One of Bollywood's most luminous artists, the actor was in the city recently as a part of the event to promote art and theatre. The initiative, in partnership with Kher's acting school, Actor Prepares and NGO Kutumb, aimed at bringing a variety of theatre-related activities to Gurgaon.

The actor met with and spoke to his fans about his journey in the industry, which started with his film, Saaransh (1984). When asked what his first thought was when he got the film, the actor replied, in his typical self-deprecating humour, "Thank god job mil gaya!". He also talked about how he likes the new generation's actors like Aditya Roy Kapur and Varun Dhawan, adding that he liked how conscientious they are.

The veteran artist also shared plenty of anecdotes including some funny gaffes that occurred when he was a theatre actor. "It's very important to do theatre because it gives you confidence and practice. When I feel like films the actor within me 'rust', I head back to theatre," he said.

The theatre carnival had plenty of fun planned for kids and parents - there were workshops like storytelling, mask-making, puppetry, role reversal and improvisation. While the children enjoyed the puppets and mask-making activities, the role-reversal had them playing the part of parents and vice versa.

"My daughter really opened up and I could talk to her in an environment that was free and relaxing. It was a completely new experience," said Gowri, a resident of Jalvayu Towers in Gurgaon. Imran Khan, a children's theatre expert, who also conducted the workshop, said, "Normally at home, when parents are trying to reason with them, they are tense but not here. It also teaches the children to speak freely."

The day ended on a high note too, thanks to Kher's superlative performance in his much-applauded autobiographical play, Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai, where he tells the story of his own life.