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Anupam Kher: Not bothered by ugly trolls...


Actor Anupam Kher is proud of his presence on social media. The 62-year-old is very active on multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 
He is quite vocal, and this invites online trolls. But Kher isn’t bothered about that, and wants to focus on the positives of social media.
“I really don’t want to talk about that, because that will always exist. I don’t hate social media because of that. In fact I like social media, and I think it’s a brilliant way for someone like me to reach out to people and tell them what I am up to in my life,” he says.
The platforms have helped the actor talk about his achievements, and work schedules with his fans, which he couldn’t do before social media. “ If it wasn’t there, people wouldn’t know what I have done, or what I have achieved in my life. Unlike many of my colleagues, I don’t have a PR company handling me or talking about me in the public. It doesn’t suit many people to talk about me. I was voted as the 12’th most influential writer, and had I not spoken about it on social media, it would not have been noticed,” he says.
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Kher argues, that his social media following is “organic” and unlike many stars, he doesn’t have fan clubs dedicated to him on internet. “ I don’t have a fan club, like Varun Dhawan or some other big star. You wont see an Anupam Kher fan club. It’s only me and no one else on it,” he says.
However, Kher is always responsible before speaking his mind out. “ I feel the truth has to be conveyed, and no one has the right to stop you from doing that. For that, people will like you or the won’t like you. That does not matter. But, yes one has to be responsible and see they don’t go overboard with emotions. However, actors are also human beings. If they feel like talking about something, then they should,” he says.