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Anupam Kher: It's not just about talent..

Anupam Kher


New Delhi, April 19 -- Bollywood veteran Anupam Kher says that the recent surge of Indian origin actors in several Hollywood projects is not just because of their talent.

The 60 year-old actor who has featured in Hollywood projects such as Bend It Like Beckham (2002) and Silver Linings Playbook (2012) believes that West realises the importance of India as a market and involves more Indian actors to make their films and TV shows more popular here.

"West has always been aware of our talent. But recently, they have realised that their films and other projects do really well in India. And they see India as a potentially big market, hence they go for Indian origin actors. So, if you see Indian actors instead of Chinese actors, its not because of talent or anything, but they see us as a big market," says Kher, adding that it's a "proper process". "There are auditions for roles and that's how different actors are selected. But they are more interested in us because of marketing," he said.

Recently a slew of Indian actors including Ali Fazal (Fast and Furious 7), Tena Desae (The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) and Irrfan Khan (Jurassic World) among others have been involved in foreign projects.

Kher also believes that more roles for Indian characters are being written in Hollywood films. . "Anil Kapoor and Dev Patel's film, Slumdog Millionaire (2008) had Indian characters in it and that's why they were chosen to play those roles. Similarly, Silver linings had the role of an Indian doctor, which was played by me. So yes, there has been an increase in scripts with Indian roles in them," he says, adding, "I have given several auditions recently and waiting for people to get back. Let's hope things happen for the best. More recently, I have just finished shooting for a ten episode series, Sense 8, which is directed by the Wachowski brothers (Matrix trilogy fame directors."