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The script of Ye Hai Bakrapur blew me away: Anshuman Jha

Anshuman Jha


The film, Yeh Hai Bakrapur (YHB), is a satire set in rural India. This Shrithikka Films’ movie, which is set to hit theatres on May 9, is ­produced by Ramesh Sriivastava Aruunachalam. Talking about the film, lead actor Anshuman Jha says that the movie is a ­thorough entertainer.

What made you work on this film?
The script and the director are the two major factors I look at as a young actor. The script blew me away; it’s one I’m proud of. And the director, Janaki Vishwanathan, is a National Award winner who I respect immensely.

How central is your character in the film?
When Janaki offered me the script, she pitched Jaffar (his character) to me as the game-changer in Bakrapur, which he is. She said he’s a hairstylist, and the hero of the film. Though Shahrukh, the rock star goat is at the core, it is Jaffar’s actions that serve as strings on which the story pivots.

How do you think the film will do at the box office?
Nobody can predict the numbers. But as a cinema lover who has been ­working since the age of 17, I have developed an instinct about films. And I know we have made a ­lovely film — thoughtful, yet funny. And having seen the response at MAMI (Mumbai Academy of Moving Images) last year, it’s only fuelled my belief that it will do very well.