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Special screening for Anil Kapoor!

Anil Kapoor


Mumbai, Oct. 8 -- Nikhil Dwivedi's next with Richa Chadda is releasing soon. While Salman Khan has already gone all out to promote Nikhil's film, the actor has now invited Anil Kapoor for a special screening to be organised this week.

Nikhil wants the veteran actor to watch the movie, as he believes that his character in it is loosely inspired by Kapoor's character in Tezaab (1988). "I want him to watch the film, and give his feedback. He is a senior actor and his feedback means a lot to me. He has told me that he will come for the screening. I am grateful that he is taking time out of his busy schedule," says Nikhil.

The actor goes on to reveal that he has shown all his previous releases to Kapoor as well. "He is my mentor. I respect him - as a person and an actor. He has always been warm and supportive. I have shown all my films to him in the past, and I would have shown him this one as well even if my character had not been inspired by his," adds Nikhil. something he always wanted to attempt, but the more films he does, the more he realises how difficult that job is.

He says, "It comes with tremendous pressure, and needs lot of management skill. And, there's a lot that has nothing to do with actual direction. So, it will be a while before I pick up these things. There are different aspects of filmmaking that I need to learn along the way."

The actor adds that he doesn't have the "burning desire" to direct right now because he's too involved with his job in front of the camera. He says, "I am caught up with myself, and the pursuit of trying to be bet