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Anil Kapoor

New Delhi, Nov. 3 -- Often touted as the intellectual woman's brooding hero, actor Rahul Khanna is super-excited about his two-episode role in the television thriller 24, helmed by Anil Kapoor. "In spite of being in the industry for decades, he (Anil) has the passion and drive of a newcomer," says Khanna, who's playing the role of Tarun Khosla, an investment banker in the Indian adaptation of the American series by the same name.    

"Anil Kapoor is a close friend of my brother Akshaye, and over the years, we always expressed an interest in working together. Several months ago, he'd told me about his plans to make this show. I was a huge fan of the original too and initially, we'd discussed me doing a larger role but when that didn't work out, he offered me this dramatic bit," says Khanna, whose character in the Colors show was played by Currie Graham in the international series.    

Ask the 41-year-old if he'll ever be seen in a typical Bollywood masala flick and he retorts, "People think I shy away from mainstream Bollywood cinema but I've actually worked with some very masala filmmakers, including Karan Johar and Ayan Mukherji (Wake Up Sid), Raj Kanwar (Raqeeb), Imtiaz Ali (Love Aaj Kal) and even Vikram Bhatt (Elaan). I do want to be a part of more full-blown commercial films." Khanna, will next be seen in the Indie film, Fireflies with actor Monica Dogra. Finally, prod him on the million dollar question: When does he plan to tie the knot? He laughs, saying, "I'll be sure to keep you posted on any progress on that front."