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Anil Kapoor works around the clock!

Anil Kapoor

Mumbai, Oct. 19 -- Anil Kapoor made his television debut on October 4 and five episodes of the show have been aired ever since. But the actor, who is seen playing the role of Anti-Terrorism Unit chief Jai Singh Rathod in 24, is working around the clock to meet deadlines.

Anil wants to complete schedules on time and does not want the show's routine to suffer in any way.     

"When he is not shooting, Anil is busy working out to fit the role he plays on the show. Since his television show has 24 episodes, he wants to look the same throughout the series and has to take extra care of his workout regimes," says a source close to the actor.   

Apart from working out, the actor is also preparing for the action scenes he will be seen performing. "The show also demands that Anil perform certain stunts and he wants to give it his best. The actor, whenever he is present on the sets, rehearses for the action scenes and prepares for them before filming," adds the source.     

Also, unlike what is done while working on films, the actor is shooting around the clock to meet deadlines. The source says, "Anil is giving almost all his time to the show and making sure that the show meets deadlines and its routine does not get disturbed. He wants to complete all the episodes on time."     

While Anil Kapoor confirmed the news, his spokesperson says, "Shooting for a television serial is a different pace and hectic. Anil is a disciplined actor and that's helping him."