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Anil Kapoor: 'We will take it to another level'

Anil Kapoor

Mumbai, Dec. 1 -- Taking a step away from the usual saasbahu sagas on TV, Anil Kapoor decided to bring the international show 24 to the Indian small screen. And his decision has proven to be quite popular with telly lovers. Probably that's why even before the first season comes to an end, Kapoor is set to be seen in the series' second season next year.     

"I am extremely pleased and proud of our effort because the response has been humbling and overwhelming. We will go all out to make sure that the second season is much better. We will rectify and improve upon whatever mistakes we made in the first one," confirms the actor-producer.     

Titled 24: Live Another Day, the second season is taking shape. "We haven't discussed the content yet. Now that the first season is over, everyone will sleep for a few days before the stakeholders and producers get together next month to decide on the details. We will take it to another level in terms of content, final product and outreach," he says.     

In addition to 24, Kapoor wants to bring another hit show's adaptation to India. "I am planning to get another such format to India.     Sometimes I feel that if I work only on the content created by my friends like Howard Gordon (developer of 24 and Homeland) and Bryan Burk (Lost), I wouldn't have time to do anything else," he says with a smile.     

Kapoor adds that he might let acting take a back seat soon. "From 2016 onwards, I'll not act. I'll only produce such projects. I should be available for my kids whenever they need me. They are my priority," he says.