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Anil Kapoor wants to make a movie on 24

Anil Kapoor


His maiden television show won him accolades, but not many know that right from the start, Anil Kapoor has been keen on making a feature film based on it.

Last year (even before the series went on air), rumours were rife that Kapoor is set to convert the show into a movie. But we have got to know that despite his best efforts, the actor hasn’t been able to procure the rights to adapt the hit TV series.

Makers of the original American show have refused to grant Kapoor the film rights.

"At the time of buying the remake rights of 24 for TV, Anil sir tried to convince the American makers to grant him the film remake rights too, but they turned down the request. Even now, he is keen on adapting the TV show’s storyline into a film," says an insider close to the actor.

There were reports that the producers of the original series were planning to make their own feature film before giving the rights to others. But till date, they have failed to do either.

Meanwhile, Kapoor has already started work on the second season of the Indian adapted TV series.

"The pre-production work has kicked off... the shoot should start this year itself," adds the insider.

Interestingly, the Kiefer Sutherland-starrer TV series, 24: Live Another Day, a revival of sorts of the original show, will premiere in the US in May. Despite repeated attempts, Kapoor couldn’t be reached for comment.