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Anil Kapoor: Ode to Women!

Mumbai, March 10 -- Anil Kapoor spoke at length about the three women in his life. "As a young man, I met Sunita (Anil's wife) and fell in love with her. We have been together for years now. Of my two daughters, Sonam is like a boy, and she takes her own decisions. I let her be that way. My younger daughter, Rhea, also is an independent woman. These three women make my life," said Anil.    

On the other hand, director Imtiaz Ali stressed on a woman's beauty by saying, "Since my childhood, the one thing that struck me about any girl or lady is her beauty. They are all so good-looking and, even today, I look around and I only see their beauty."

Lastly, designer Manish Malhotra spoke about what it was like to work with them. He said, "I have had wonderful experiences, of working with some beautiful women, and I have enjoyed dressing them up."

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